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Migrate from

If you don't need issue, pull request, or comment metadata

  • create a new, empty repository in tamu-edu or tamu-edu-students
  • on the command line change directory to your local clone of the repo, it's suggested to pull a new clean copy
  • run git remote remove origin
  • run git remote add origin URI, Example: git remote add origin
  • git branch -M main (or master if that is your primary branch)
  • git push -u origin --mirror

If you need that metadata, here are tools to automate the migration:

Migrate from another hosted repository

  • follow instructions to enable your account on the tamu-edu or tamu-edu-students organization
  • change name of existing, source repository to fit the new naming guidelines
  • navigate to repository on and click settings tab
  • scroll to the bottom of the page and click Transfer inside the Danger Zone
  • type tamu-edu (or tamu-edu-students) for the destination organization
  • type in the existing repository name at the bottom
  • click I understand, transfer this repository
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