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Overview is a self-hosted, private GitHub appliance available to anyone with a NetID. The appliance has been in operation since 2015, hosting code repositories for Texas A&M University faculty, staff, and students.

Deprecation and Shutdown has become redundant with the cloud-hosted version of GitHub Enterprise ( and often lags in feature sets and security patches. Therefore, is to be deprecated, tentatively by Jun 1, 2024, in favor of all projects being hosted on Github Enterprise Cloud in the tamu-edu and tamu-edu-students organizations.

A timeline for deprecation will be:

  • Jun 2022:
    • A documentation website published with information on using GitHub Enterprise cloud and how to migrate to it.
    • An announcement of the deprecation of with links to documentation sent to the community
  • Dec 2023:
    • No new repositories, organizations, or other resources will be allowed
    • Monitoring for recent access begins
  • Jun 2024:
    • Appliance made read-only
    • SSH access is blocked
  • Aug 2024:
    • Appliance shut down and a final backup is made
  • Aug 2026:
    • Appliance data is deleted
    title GitHub Server Deprecation

    Section Operating Status
    No new repositories  :no_new, 2023-12-19, 2024-05-31
    All repositories made read-only. SSH restricted   :crit, active, 2024-06-01, 2024-08-31
    Appliance powered off        :crit, c1, 2024-08-31, 2026-08-31

    Section Milestones
    Documentation site released         :milestone, m1, 2022-06-15, 1d
    Initial notification         :milestone, m1, 2022-06-15, 1d
    Reminder sent to users with recent access :milestone, active, 2023-12-01, 1d
    Reminder sent to users with recent access :milestone, active, 2023-12-15, 1d
    No new objects allowed  :milestone, crit, active, m2, 2023-12-19, 1d
    Appliance made read-only     :milestone, crit, active, m3, 2024-06-01, 1d
    SSH access restricted        :milestone, crit, active, m3, 2024-06-01, 1d
    Reminder sent to users with recent access :milestone, active, 2024-05-01, 1d
    Appliance powered off        :milestone, crit, active, m3, 2024-08-31, 1d
    Appliance data deleted           :milestone, crit, active, m3, 2026-08-31, 1d

Note: This timeline is subject to change. All major steps in the deprecation process will be communicated to the appropriate audience as well as posted here.

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