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Getting started with Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Console

Sign on to Google Cloud using your NetID:

Introduction to Google Cloud

GCP Getting Started GCP Quickstarts tutorials GCP Training and Certification GCP Documentation Home

Cost Management

Cost Management Pricing calculator Free Tier Note: some services are only free for the first 12 months and most are limited in resources available.

Terraform in GCP

Getting Started Tutorial

New Tools

Google Cloud Architecture Diagramming tool


Announcement: RAD Lab is a Google Cloud-based sandbox environment to help technology and research teams advance quickly from research and development to production. RAD Lab is a cloud-native research, development, and prototyping solution designed to accelerate the stand-up of cloud environments by encouraging experimentation with no risk to existing infrastructure. It’s also designed to meet public sector and academic organizations’ specific technology and scalability requirements with a predictable subscription model to simplify budgeting and procurement.


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